The Pearl

The town, the arms and the heart into which you are born is your oyster shell.

Deep under the sea, you hear the sound of the waves; here the sea being your life, and the waves your days.

From one shore to another, from tempest to tempest and from a moon-lit haven to another… Inside the eternal universe of this oyster shell, which seems to be tiny, you wrap yourself in the tinsel blanket of memories. Inside this oyster shell, you, a granule of sand, transform into a lunar piece; while the sand is your childhood and your most radiant state is your youth.

The oyster sings to the sea, and you hear that song with all your existence, dreaming of swimming out of that oyster shell and facing your own reflection on the surface of the sea.

You are the one who is closest to yourself.

Who can understand you better than you?

Who can understand me better than me?

Here, with my music, I tried to tell how my 35-year-long journey transformed me from a granule of sand into a pearl.

May everybody in this life find out who they are, and see their pearls within…

Thanks to

I thank my parents from the bottom of my heart, for standing by me throughout my life no matter what I do, for supporting me as much as they can and guiding me towards success, for showing me how to be an individual, and for also giving a big helping hand while I’m creating this album. I’m also thankful to my elder brother Bora Yetkin who is an ever-supporting figure in my life, as well as my cousin Cengiz Yaman, for all they brought into my life.

I’m so thankful to some special people who helped me to reach these days in my musical life: my first music teacher dear Sözer Yaşmut, my mentor Sadık Kavas from whom I’ve learnt a lot throughout many years, my first oud teacher dear Mustafa Seven, as well as İnci Çayırlı, the master musician, to whom I had the honour to accompany for 4 years; Mehmet Emin Bitmez and Ustad Necati Çelik, who indirectly and directly helped me advance my technical efficiency; my teacher Yurdal Tokcan who is my role model with his personality, stance and performance; and the clarinet virtuoso Şükrü İnci, who is my teacher, my elder brother and my godfather, who was the first person to utter his will to make me an album but, alas, couldn’t live long enough.

I’m deeply thankful to the guest artists, who colored up this work, respectively, Derya Türkan, Göksel Baktagir, Göksun Çavdar, Volkan Yılmaz, Murat Süngü and Bekir Ünlüataer, for their support and honourable presence in my album.

I give my thanks to Baturay Yarkın who did the arrangements, while playing the piano and the keyboards, to İzzet Kızıl, a master percussionist; to my friend Emin Esen, who is a kanun player; and to the violinist Kemal İnci, who is almost a brother to me, for the beautiful energy and emotions they brought into the album.

And I’m deeply thankful to Ertan Keser and Bahadır Yıldız for the recording, to my teacher Yurdal Tokcan for the editing and the mixing, to Cem Tuncer for the mastering, to Beatriz Salvatierra Heredia for the cover design, to Emine Civanoğlu for the liner notes, to Sanat Deliorman for the translations, and to my dear advisor Selin Çelik, who stood by me with her full support in every step of this album’s production.

This album is dedicated to Şükrü İnci. (R.I.P.)

Recorded at Mixhane

Recording: Bahadir Yildiz, Ertan Keser

Edit&Mix: Yurdal Tokcan

Mastering: Cem Tuncer

Arranger: Baturay Yarkın, Baha Yetkin, Yurdal Tokcan

Publishing: CT Music Production

Cover Design: Beatriz Salvatierra Heredia

Script Editor: Emine Civanoğlu

Translations: Sanat Deliorman

Consultant: Selin Celik

Oud & Composer: Baha Yetkin

Piano, Keyboards: Baturay Yarkın

Percussion: İzzet Kızıl

Kanun: Emin Esen

Violin: Kemal İnci

Guest Artists:

Bekir Ünlüataer

Derya Türkan

Göksel Baktagir

Göksun Çavdar

Murat Süngü

Volkan Yılmaz