The Pearl; Istanbul Stories

Baha Yetkin Quartet

06 Mar 2020 London


Time : 20:00 - 21:30
Venue : Babel Art House
Address : 86 Stoke Newington High St, Clapton, London
Zip : N16 7PA

The Pearl

The town, the arms and the heart into which you are born is your oyster shell.

Deep under the sea, you hear the sound of the waves; here the sea being your life, and the waves your days.

From one shore to another, from tempest to tempest and from a moon-lit haven to another… Inside the eternal universe of this oyster shell, which seems to be tiny, you wrap yourself in the tinsel blanket of memories. Inside this oyster shell, you, a granule of sand, transform into a lunar piece; while the sand is your childhood and your most radiant state is your youth.

The oyster sings to the sea, and you hear that song with all your existence, dreaming of swimming out of that oyster shell and facing your own reflection on the surface of the sea.

This project will be describing how a person or a city transforms from a granule of sand into a pearl by his compositions as well as historical stories.

Baha Yetkin Quartet

Baha Yetkin – Oud&Compositions&Storytelling

Piano&Keyboards – Phil

Kamancha – Melisa Yildirim

Percussion – Antonio Romero


In Baha Yetkin’s music, virtuosity goes along with an attitude towards life. It circles around people’s emotions, understanding, longing, feeling a city, observing environment, dialog between species. It is the soundtrack of a contemporary world that draws from history and tradition the lessons that unite nations and celebrate their common elements, while respecting their differences. Considered to be one of the best contemporary oud soloists, both in the Oriental and the Occidental world, Baha Yetkin guides us through a utopic land where music soothes our soul. If you ask him, he will say with absolute certainty, “Yes, music can change the world.” When he plays his oud you can feel the peace and serenity.

Istanbul life has given him a deep knowledge of different life experience as well experience in music. He said that he was lucky enough to touch the master of makam music and classic music in Istanbul. Also he thinks he is lucky with his family. Because his family is an intellectual and a very modern Istanbul family. They always support and push him to improve himself in what he wants to do.

However, he has been taking part in several projects/concerts/festivals with good musicians he says when he plays his own music he does not need to speak. He believes that the music can nicely explain everything.