The Istanbul Music: The Sound of Istanbul

The Sound Of Istanbul

28 Feb 2018 London


Time : 18:00-20:00
Venue : pin Hide Map Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland
Address : 50 Fitzroy Street
Zip : W1T 5BT
Phone : 020 7387 0455

The Turkish Makam: sounds of Istanbul
Baha Yetkin: Oud
Alexandros Koustas: Klasik Kemençe
Constantly evolving since the 13th century, the Turkish Makam has become one of the worlds’ great music traditions. With Istanbul as its centre, folk, religious and classical music forms of the city and nearby regions create an elaborate tapestry of sound colours. The Turkish makam has served equally folk music and dance, court audiences as well as Mevlevi ceremonies.
London based Oud player Baha Yetkin explores the endless diversity of the Makam and its uses. An evening of music and a short discussion with the musicians.