Remember Hrant Dink

Suna Alan

19 Jan 2018 London Free


Time : 19:00-21:00
Venue : Free Word Center
Address : 60 Farringdon Road,
Zip : EC1R 3GA

Keynote speaker: Professor Maureen Freely

Guest singer: Suna Alan

Free admission. Please book ahead to secure a seat as space is limited. Registration opens at 6.30. Reception to follow event until 9 pm.

Event organised by the Armenian Institute in association with Article 19 and English PEN.

The Armenian Institute is proud to commemorate the exceptional life and achievements of Hrant Dink murdered on 19 January 2007 in Istanbul and to affirm his stance against discrimination. Editor of the Armenian-Turkish newspaper Agos, Dink was the outspoken champion of human and civil rights in Turkey. His lingua franca in free expression opened the floodgates for repressed people seeking out and declaring their trueethnic history and identity. The term “Armenian Genocide”, officially taboo, became current usage. He was punished by death.

Maureen Freely is a novelist, journalist and translator. Well known as a translator of the Turkish Nobel Laureate Orhan Pamuk, Fetiye Çetin and Tuba Çandar’s book on Dink, she has also written about literature, social justice and human rights. As chair of the Translators Association and as President of English PEN, she has campaigned for writers and freedom of expression internationally. She teaches at the University of Warwick where she is currently the Head of the Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies.