Middle East and Central Asia Music Forum

07 Nov 2016 London Free


Time : 9.30am - 06.30pm
Venue : SOAS University
Address : Russell Square, London
Zip : WC1H 0XG
Contact Website : http://www.soas.ac.uk

Turkish Classical Music is a prestigious art tradition based on the rich heritage born from the multitude of voices and cultural diversity that characterized the Ottoman Empire. The aim of this presentation is to demonstrate and explain aspects of Ottoman-Turkish makams (modes) on the Turkish style oud, with particular attention to some specific Turkish Oud ornaments. Do we distinguish between the different makams only in terms of pentachords, tetrachords and intervals? What is the role of the seyir, with all its features, in giving a makam its character? I argue that the movement of seyir plays an important role in establishing the character of the makam. I will demonstrate how two different makams with the same scale can be distinguished by examining the pattern of seyir.

The Programme

  • Erum Navqi (Temple University) “Gigging Classical in Iran”
  • Cristina Moreno Almeida (Middle East Centre & Department of Media and Communications, LSE) “Moroccan Rap”
  • John O’Connell (Department of Music, Cardiff University) “Turan: Turkic Myth as Turkish Music”
  • Ilana Webster-Kogen (SOAS) tbc
  • Baha Yetkin (Independent scholar and performer) “Ottoman-Turkish Makam-based improvisation on the Turkish Style Oud”
  • Laudan Nooshin (City University) “Whose Liberation? Iranian Popular Music and the Fetishisation of Resistance”
  • Julian Harris (KCL) “Ta’abiriya / ‘expressionism’ in Arab music: composition in the Iraqi school of oud
  • Music with Maya Youssef and the SOAS Middle East Ensemble