Karagoz Meets London

Karagoz & Hacivat

11 Mar 2017 London


Time : 18.00 - 19.30
Venue : Cafe Z
Address : 58 Stoke Newington High Street
Zip : N16 7PB

“Karagöz (meaning blackeye in Turkish) and Hacivat (shortened in time from “Hacı İvaz” meaning “İvaz the Pilgrim”, and also sometimes written as Hacivad) are the lead characters of the traditional Turkish/Greek shadow play, popularized during the Ottoman period and then spread to most nation states that comprised the Ottoman Empire and most prominently in Turkey and Greece.”

We gonna show a game which is called “Fisherman” with a proper traditional way.

Shadow play will be played in Turkish.

Hayali (The Dreamer) : Gizem Altınordu


Hanende (The Singer): Eylem Korkmaz
Sazende (The Musician): Baha Yetkin

5-year-old and over is welcome!

Tickets are available only at the door !



Reference (Kaynak): Hayrettin Ivgin – Metin Ozlen, Eski ve Yeni Karagöz Metinleri / Cevdet Kudret, Karagöz 1. Cilt