Eastern Strings

10 Feb 2017 London, UK


Time : 20.00 - 22.00
Venue : Courtyard Theatre
Address : 40 Pitfield St
Zip : N1 6EU
Contact Website : http://www.artscanteen.com

This concert aims to highlight the connection and build on it with original compositions and renditions of melodies from The #Arab World and #Turkey thus showing the common thread running through both traditions by two incredibly talented artists Attab Haddad (#Iraq) and Baha Yetkin (Turkey).

Oud has become increasingly popular were Attab Haddad gives a masterclass in the instrument’s possibilities, drawing from #Arabic forms while lacing his compositions with #flamenco, #jazz and classical flavours joining him later is the impressive #Oud player Baha Yetkin, from #Istanbul, will perform #Turkish classical music repertoire. His style combines older traditions with many new stylistic innovations.

The Oud is one of the oldest musical instruments known to man, and many believe it to be the ancestor of the modern guitar.

However, the legacy of the Oud, unlike that of many other ancient traditions, continues till today. The earliest proof of the existence of an instrument like the Oud can be found in an excavated cylindrical seal from the #Uruk Period in Mesopotamia, which dates back almost 5000 years.

Since then, the Oud has been revered as the ‘King of Instruments,’ telling the stories of its time through its melodious music. Even today, the beautiful sounds of the Oud have the power to transport the listener to another time.