Â’mâk-ı Hayâl Project

(Deep of the Dream Project)

The name of the project comes from the writing called “Â’mâk-ı Hayâl” which was written by Şehbenderzâde Filibeli Ahmed Hilmi in 1908. This writing is important because it tells about the concept of unicity in sufism (tasavvuf philosophy). In this book the writer not only tells about sufism in Anatolia but also handles sufism in a universal basis. The partners educated in different musical disciplines and performing together since 2011 aim to handle music in the view point of this book and independent from the performance style, to live and give everyone the chance to live a time period in serenity and peace by walking along the thin line between imagination and real life in this project consisting of different kinds of music including improvisations.


Dinçer Dedeoğlu who has been playing flamenco guitar since 2000 had Flamenco guitar courses in Spain in the framework of European Union Leonardo Da Vinci Education Program and in this period of time he had the chance to work with famous flamenco musicians and improve his skills in flamenco guitar. Until now he has performed as a solo and accompanying guitarist in various concerts and organizations. He is one of the founders of Kalkedon Flamenco Culture and Art Association. Dinçer Dedeoğlu who is also an academic is giving lectures on guitar techniques, dancing accompaniment, musical accompaniment, palmas and has been continuing to perform in Kalkedon Flamenco.