He was born in Istanbul in 1984. He started taking courses on tempo, musical notes and theories from distinguished masters including Sözer Yaşmut, Semih Ataergin at Ministry of National Education, Boğaziçi Classical Turkish Music Foundation in 2000. During that time, he also took oud lessons from Oytun Uçar, an oud artist at TRT Istanbul Radio. He soon began to perform as accompaniment in several musical societies. He met Şükrü İnci, a clarinet player at TRT Istanbul Radio during this period, and İnci remained his most significant teacher, supporter and moral father until his death in 2012.

He, then, continued his oud education with Mustafa Seven, who was the Head of Turkish Classical Music Department at Edremit Municipality Conservatory at the time. He had the chance to practice with valuable artists such as İnci Çayırlı, Alâeddin Yavaşça, Mehmet Emin Bitmez, Necati Çelik and Yurdal Tokcan. He received his Western music harmony education from Hakan Ali Toker, a pianist and composer.

Together with a kanun player Sadık Kavas, he established Aşiyan Music Association in 2003, and has become the accompaniment and oud teacher at the association. He has participated in several organizations, concerts, radio and TV programs with the association.

He has been invited several times to accompany with many soloists including Yılmaz Morgül, Selami Şahin, Muazzez Abacı, Mustafa Keser, Zeki Çetin, Gökhan Sezen, as well as several TRT vocal artists in concerts in and outside Turkey.

In 2008 he went to Cambridge, UK for language education, and he performed at two instrumental concerts there, promoting Classical Turkish music and oud.

After his return to Turkey, he arranged and performed musical works for theater plays and musicals. In 2009-2010 season, the musical “Shakespeare’s Seven” with 148 sold-out performances at Oyun Atölyesi, with the lead actor Haluk Bilginer – a renowned theater performer- was among the most significant events he participated as an oud artist. He was the music director of the Shakespeare’s “12th Night” performed at İş Sanat in 2013 and 2014.

Since 2011, he has been engaging in performances with musicians and dancers from Kalkedon Flamenco Culture and Arts Association, and he has accompanied Flamenco performances with a Turkish instrument; oud. He and Dinçer Dedeoğlu, a Flamenco guitarist, prepared a project called “Fasl-ı Flamenko” for which they selected works with similar harmonic and melodic structure in traditional and modern Flamenco and Turkish music, and performed such works using Turkish and Western instruments.

He was the oud artist in the album of Flamenco guitarist, Taylan Polat, released in 2014. He was invited to Spain for debut concerts. He accompanied Taylan Polat as an oud artist in “Alamar Fest 2014” in Almeria, and two private concerts in Cordoba. Baha Yetkin is the first Turkish oud artist who has been invited to Spain for Flamenco performance.

On September 2015, he established “BY Music Ltd.” in London aiming to promote Classical Turkish music and Turkish Oud. Concerned with sharing his knowledge and experience, he performed 4 solo oud concerts, organized 10 events, and an oud workshop, made music in a theater play, participated as a speaker in Middle East and Central Asia Music Forum at SOAS University to demonstrate the melodic development(seyir) of Classical Turkish music’s system of melody types(makams) and Turkish Oud style, he played a couple of recordings and he performed in many Turkish community events since he moved. He is still teaching Classical Turkish music’s theory, rhythm, repertoire under Hos Seda Art and Culture Center and Vatan Cultural Choir Society, he also provides consultancy services both places as well as conducting their choirs. Besides, he teaches Turkish oud at Yunus Emre Institute London.

He is a part of the 3 London-based projects which are; “Reed: Listen to the Rumi” as Ismena Collective with Mayda Narvey, Julia White and David Harries, “Classical Music of Istanbul” as a Duo with amazing violinist Michalis Kouloumis, The Ottoman Art Music as Topkapi Quartet with Prof. Martin Stokes, Yasin Onemli, Stavrola Constanti. He is also preparing a new project with virtiouso oud player Attab Haddad.

On the other hand, he still works with Kalkedon Flamenco (Istanbul-TR), Kalkedon Duo (Istanbul-TR), Taylan Polat Band (Cordoba-Spain.


Baha is a good musician and Oud player with a fine technique and great at deal of musical enthusiasm and vitality. His knowledge of Turkish music is remarkably good and he is also very proficient at playing and teaching the Oud.

Baha is an extremely talented and knowledged musician. He was one of my students for 2 years and he always displayed a very good performance, which has turned him into an extremely good musician and highly performed Oud player. He is also good at teaching Turkish music theories and Oud.

He has consistently demonstrated excellent skills as a musician. He is hardworking and responsible, the result of these characteristics makes him to be more successful at his work. Besides his outstanding musical abilities, he always has a wonderfully positive attitude about the work. – Sadık Kavas (on behalf of the Association)